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When you choose a Pojagi product, you are choosing a timeless design, a simple yet luxurious design that is made to last.
Based in Copenhagen, Pojagi is a Scandinavian textile company with a fashion-orientated approach and with the utmost respect for craftsmanship, quality and the environment.

Our philosophy takes its roots in the Korean Philosophy of pojagi. The first documented mention of it was over 2000 year ago. Pojagi was made from pieces of fabric, typically square, from a variety of materials and wrapped around your most valuable belongings to protect them. People used pojagi to store family heirlooms and valuables as well as for gift wrapping. The wrapping guaranteed that love and good wishes were a part of the gift. Inspired by this ancient art form we have designed a collection of high-quality products, curtains, table cloths and bedding made with love, ready to wrap around you and your loved ones. The fabrics that were used originally in the pojagi art form were natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and hemp and women made beautiful things with their leftover fabrics. We have based our collection on the same philosophy. Nothing goes to waste.

Welcome to the world of Pojagi. 

Environment and responsibly

All our products are designed in Denmark and all materials are carefully selected and certified Eco products.
ECO-Friendly products are certified following the regulations and annexes, from seed to harvest and harvest to the hands of the consumer in all processes of production harmful to human health without any chemical input or additive or method that is produced without harm to organisms and nature. By using ECO-Friendly products, the right to consume healthy products in terms of mental and physical health and the right to food security is utilized. Natural resources, especially soil, water and energy, are preserved. Nature is used sustainably. The ecosystem is not damaged. Biodiversity is preserved. A healthier and livable world will be left for future generations.

We guarantee that every Pojagi product is made with love and nothing goes to waste. The waste fabrics are used to upcycle other products in our collections like curtains, table cloths and shoppers. Just what the pojagi art form is all about and has been for centuries.